Executive Councils





APETT'S Executive Council

The Executive Council shall be the governing body of the Association and shall be responsible for its governance, policy, organisation, administration and discipline. The Executive Council shall comprise:

  1. The Officers of the Association, that is to say, the President, President-elect, two Vice Presidents, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, Public Relations Officer, Secretary and two Assistant Secretaries.
  2. The Immediate Past President.
  3. One (1) representative from each Division/Chapter.
Date Position Name
2024-2025PresidentEng. Kala Trebouhansingh
2024-2025President - ElectEng. Lendel Bethelmy
2024-2025Immediate Past PresidentEng. Trevor Townsend
2024-2025Vice PresidentEng. Ian Cox
2024-2025Vice PresidentEng. Tarsha Simmons
2024-2025SecretaryEng. Kimberly Ramroop
2024-2025Assistant SecretaryEng. Frances Lum Young
2024-2025Assistant SecretaryEng. Sheldon Roberts
2024-2025TreasurerEng. Rayadh Mayrhoo
2024-2025Assistant TreasurerEng. Brendon Inniss
2024-2025Public Relations OfficerEng. Jackie John
2024-2025Chair - Chemical DivisionEng. Rayadh Mayrhoo
2024-2025Chair - Civil DivisionEng. Lendel Bethelmy
2024-2025Chair - Electrical DivisionEng. Denzel Joseph
2024-2025Chair - Mechanical DivisionEng. Leston Bethelmy
2024-2025Chair - Tobago ChapterEng. Ryan Melville
2023-2024PresidentEng. Trevor Townsend
2023-2024President - ElectEng. Kala Trebouhansingh
2023-2024Immediate Past PresidentEng. Chris Maharaj
2023-2024Vice PresidentEng. Ian Cox
2023-2024Vice PresidentEng. Frances Lum Young
2023-2024SecretaryEng. Tarsha Simmons
2023-2024Assistant SecretaryEng. Clint Allahar
2023-2024Assistant SecretaryEng. Kimberly Ramroop
2023-2024TreasurerEng. Kellesia Williams
2023-2024Assistant TreasurerEng. Brendon Inniss
2023-2024Public Relations OfficerEng. Ezekiel Yorke
2023-2024Chair - Chemical DivisionEng. Rayadh Mayrhoo
2023-2024Chair - Civil DivisionEng. Lendel Bethelmy
2023-2024Chair - Electrical DivisionEng. Denzel Joseph
2023-2024Chair - Mechanical DivisionEng. Leston Bethelmy
2023-2024Chair - Tobago ChapterEng. Ryan Melville
2022-2023PresidentEng. Chris Maharaj
2022-2023President - ElectEng. Trevor Townsend
2022-2023Immediate Past PresidentEng. Jainarine Bansee
2022-2023Vice PresidentEng. Richard Akong
2022-2023Vice PresidentEng. Frances Lum Young
2022-2023SecretaryEng. Richelle Adams
2022-2023Assistant SecretaryEng. Cheryl-Ann Simmons
2022-2023Assistant SecretaryEng. Laura Lewis
2022-2023Treasurer"Eng. Tarsha Simmons
Eng. Kellesia Williams"
2022-2023Assistant TreasurerEng. Brendon Inniss
2022-2023Public Relations OfficerEng. Ezekiel Yorke
2022-2023Chair - Chemical DivisionEng. Rayadh Mayrhoo
2022-2023Chair - Civil DivisionEng. Lendel Bethelmy
2022-2023Chair - Electrical DivisionEng. Kerri Smith
2022-2023Chair - Mechanical DivisionEng. Shalini Persad
2022-2023Chair - Tobago ChapterEng. Khadia Alfred-Francis
2020-2022PresidentEng. Jainarine Bansee
2020-2022President - ElectEng. Chris Maharaj
2020-2022Immediate Past PresidentEng. Vince Ramlochan
2020-2022Vice PresidentEng. Sarmad Yaseen
2020-2022Vice PresidentEng. Trevor Townsend
2020-2022SecretaryEng. Richard Akong
2020-2022Assistant SecretaryEng. Cheryl-Ann Simmons
2020-2022Assistant SecretaryEng. Darryl-Joseph
2020-2022TreasurerEng. Tarsha Simon
2020-2022Assistant TreasurerEng. Akeel Clarke
2020-2022Public Relations OfficerEng. Kevin Lemessy
2021-2022Chair - Chemical DivisionEng. Brandon Joseph
2021-2022Chair - Civil DivisionEng. Ian Cox
2021-2022Chair - Electrical DivisionEng. Kerri Smith
2021-2022Chair - Mechanical DivisionEng. Dexter Daniel
2021-2022Chair - Tobago ChapterEng. Marissa Morris
2020-2021Chair - Chemical DivisionEng. Sara Bernard
2020-2021Chair - Civil DivisionEng. Ian Cox
2020-2021Chair - Electrical DivisionEng. Shemeon Williams
2020-2021Chair - Mechanical DivisionEng. Dexter Daniel
2020-2021Chair - Tobago ChapterEng. Phillip Young
2019-2020PresidentEng. Vince Ramlochan
2019-2020President - ElectEng. Jainarine Bansee
2019-2020Immediate Past PresidentEng. Valerie Kelsick
2019-2020Vice PresidentEng. Sarmad Yaseen
2019-2020Vice PresidentEng. Trevor Townsend
2019-2020SecretaryEng. Emilio Lopez
2019-2020Assistant SecretaryEng. Jonathan Chang
2019-2020Assistant SecretaryEng. Darryl Joseph
2019-2020TreasurerEng. Tarsha Simon
2019-2020Assistant TreasurerEng. Akeel Clarke
2019-2020Public Relations OfficerEng. Satchidanan Bassaw
2019-2020Chair - Chemical DivisionEng. Sara Bernard
2019-2020Chair - Civil DivisionEng. Ian Cox
2019-2020Chair - Electrical DivisionEng. Shemeon Williams
2019-2020Chair - Mechanical DivisionEng. Dexter Daniel
2019-2020Chair - Tobago ChapterEng. Ryan Melville
2018-2019PresidentEng. Valerie Kelsick
2018-2019President - ElectEng. Vince Ramlochan
2018-2019Immediate Past PresidentEng. Imtiaz Easahak
2018-2019Vice PresidentEng. Jainarine Bansee
2018-2019Vice PresidentEng. Haresh Ramrattan
2018-2019SecretaryEng. Emilio Lopez
2018-2019Assistant SecretaryEng. Shawn Bedecee
2018-2019Assistant SecretaryEng. Onika Anthony-Williams
2018-2019TreasurerEng. Tarsha Simon
2018-2019Assistant TreasurerEng. Akeel Clarke
2018-2019Public Relations OfficerEng. Dwight Pollonais
2018-2019Chair - Chemical DivisionEng. Sara Bernard
2018-2019Chair - Civil DivisionEng. Trevene John
2018-2019Chair - Electrical DivisionEng. Shemeon Williams
2018-2019Chair - Mechanical DivisionEng. Dexter Daniel
2018-2019Chair - Tobago ChapterEng. Ryan Melville
2017-2018PresidentEng. Imtiaz Easahak
2017-2018President - ElectEng. Valerie Kelsick
2017-2018Immediate Past PresidentEng. Fazir Khan
2017-2018Vice PresidentEng. Jainarine Bansee
2017-2018Vice PresidentEng. Vince Ramlochan
2017-2018SecretaryEng. Vishwanath Maraj
2017-2018Assistant SecretaryEng. Haresh Ramrattan
2017-2018Assistant SecretaryEng. Everson Peters
2017-2018TreasurerEng. Frances Lum Young
2017-2018Assistant TreasurerEng. Karlene Jones
2017-2018Public Relations OfficerEng. Suzette Baptiste
2017-2018Chair - Chemical DivisionEng. Anna Warner
2017-2018Chair - Civil DivisionEng. Ancile Brewster
2017-2018Chair - Electrical DivisionEng. Laura Lewis
2017-2018Chair - Mechanical DivisionEng. Dexter Daniel
2016-2017PresidentEng. Fazir Khan
2016-2017President - ElectEng. Imtiaz Easahak
2016-2017Immediate Past PresidentEng. Neil Dookie
2016-2017Vice PresidentEng. Chris Maharaj
2016-2017Vice PresidentEng. Roger Chan Soo
2016-2017SecretaryEng. Vince Ramlochan
2016-2017Assistant SecretaryEng. Sarah Scoon
2016-2017Assistant SecretaryEng. Vishwanath Maraj
2016-2017TreasurerEng. Frances Lum Young
2016-2017Assistant TreasurerEng. Adele Young
2016-2017Public Relations OfficerEng. Suzette Baptiste
2016-2017Chair - Chemical DivisionEng. Anna Warner
2016-2017Chair - Civil DivisionEng. Roland Poyntz
2016-2017Chair - Electrical DivisionEng. Richard Akong
2016-2017Chair - Mechanical DivisionEng. Jainarine Bansee