Saturday, 23 May 2015

Mission & Objectives

The Association of Professional Engineers of Trinidad and Tobago is a learned society of professional engineers dedicated to the development of engineers and the engineering profession. The association promotes the highest standards of professional practice and stimulates awareness of technology and the role of the engineer in society.

Objectives of APETT

  • To safeguard the life, health and welfare of the public by restricting the practice of engineering to properly qualified persons.

  • To advance the status of the engineering profession by the establishment and observance of high ethical standards.

  • To promote the proficiency, knowledge and skill of Professional Engineers, and to increase their usefulness to the public.

  • To protect and advance the interests of Professional Engineers.


APETT Annual Technical Conference 2015
Theme:  Engineering for Sustainable Development in the Caribbean
25th – 26th June, 2015, Trinidad and Tobago

APETT’s President Incoming Address

Having served APETT for the past three years, it has been intriguing to learn of just how much work is undertaken by the Association in national life, much of which goes without notice by even our own Members, not to mention the Engineering fraternity.  This is the first obvious gap that must be closed in the term of the new Executive Council.  Yet still, the Association has tremendous untapped potential to positively influence the development of Engineers and the Engineering Profession in Trinidad and Tobago.  This requires astute planning, taking into account our limited resources, competition, and the interests of multiple stakeholders.  This is a business with a social objective, and it will be treated as such.

Indeed as Engineers, we acknowledge our responsibility to securing the good of the public. The Association will therefore pursue avenues to help create the environment for Professional Engineering practise in T&T to be world class, and for our Engineers to adapt to new circumstances.  There are specific initiatives being pursued, such as re-launch of the APETT Annual Technical Conference, new communication tools, strategic alliances and promotion of T&T’s Engineering Legacy.

Is there a role for the Engineer in reshaping an economy that has been built over the past one hundred years on natural physical resources (be it agricultural in the colonial years, and more so hydrocarbons in the post-World War II era)?  The part played by Engineering and Science in reshaping civilizations is well documented, and this can be no different in a modern society of rapid technological change, inter-connectivity, financial uncertainty, and high level of vulnerability (to natural and anthropogenic events).  Sustainable infrastructure, research and innovation, and new economic activity such export of services  are just some tangible areas in which Engineers must impact, working alongside other professionals.

The new 2014/2015 Council has developed a Strategic Plan to guide its approach in addressing these and other matters.  The broad objectives are categorized as follows:

  1. Increase Stakeholder Value;
  2. Improve Organizational Resources and Processes;
  3. Improve Financial Management; and
  4. Increase Customer Focus.

Operationally, this requires us to develop a new way of doing things, and therefore a new organisation structure.  This structure is an inclusive one, and will seek to engage ALL APETT Members, other Engineers and stakeholders.  It’s time to deepen our level of collaboration; and we hope for you to respond to this call.

Eng. Haydn I. Furlonge
Association of Professional Engineers of Trinidad and Tobago (2014/2015)