APETT’s President Incoming Address


The new President for the 2016/2017 Term, Eng Fazir Khan in his incoming address urged member engineers at the AGM "to revert to the very essence of the genesis of our name"

He went on to ask us to consider, "What are we doing to partner with UWI and UTT in real terms to bring research and innovation from the cupboards of academia to the pockets and livelihoods of our fellow citizens through heightened interaction with private enterprise in this country?"

He suggested that, "While our education and training is in mathematics and applied science, the mindset of the engineer has to be in innovation; the heart of the engineer has to embrace local content and our spirit must remain rooted in service to country. President Khan pleaded that, "...we need to be passionate about engineering and use the vehicle of APETT to drive home to our membership and all engineers, the need to embrace change through real innovative thinking and application for the benefit of the citizens of this country."

The full address is available at this link: APETT President's Address on 18 March 2016